Among the first phrases a student of Russian learns are ” vui ne znayete, gde

Among the first phrases a student of Russian learns are ” vui ne znayete, gde

Twisted phrases. [x]?” because the that’s the respectful means to fix query in which x try. (The fresh new example is often “metro,” aka “nearby city route.”) There was a particular overstated intonation, also, springing up greatly (?) into “znay” and you can upon “ete.” Very, inevitably, You will find shared that oft-parodied words which have “Guy, Where’s My personal X?” (types of) to find, “Dude, Where’s My personal Metro?” and you may (funnier): ” Vui ne znayete, gde maya mashina? ” (You would not affect learn where my car are?)

Museums. I went along to the new Russian Governmental Record Art gallery while the Anna Akhmatova Art gallery this weekend. I will suggest the former extremely therefore the second tepidly. Significantly more later on.

I am seeking to transcibe my opinion in the Anna Akhmatova Museum, brand new Russian Political Records Art gallery, and also the Piskarov cemetery here in St. Petersburg. The new precipitation past smudged up the ink within my laptop inside the particular highly emblematic ways or any other. Very some tips about what I have had.

“Who isn’t with us, was facing united states,” is actually inscribed toward a dinner dish (!) when you look at the Russian in the Russian Governmental History Museum. 1918, Petrograd.

You will find simply viewed that statue, during my existence, that i felt russiancupid-dating-apps you will become more active a bit abruptly and of course. Which is “Mother,” 1945, V. Eishev, in a bedroom dedicated to WWII therefore the Blockade. Together with worrisome was a genuine Nazi banner and an image of Molotov with Stalin on background.


Prints, posters, posters. Yeltsin (!) into the “Solid President, Strong Russia.” “Maybe you have destroyed your Russian?” (Has actually I missing you to I’m Indian? Otherwise American?) Plus the most comedy one to linking very first go out voting inside the free and unlock elections with your earliest intimate sense.

I experienced really shed on the road to the newest Akhmatova museum. We watched a-dead cat close 8 Fontanka . “FACK” was near 28.

You will find taken many kinds

In some way, I penned ” Snow Freeze and Rest room paper” within my laptop computer, near to a note regarding the having to purchase ketchup independently when eating fries in the a restaurant here, but I can’t recall as to why the fresh new Snow Freeze/TP site is applicable.

Senior school, college or university, enrichment. But We have never received clinical studies allow/support me in creating a sense of preference regarding artwork and you will music and literary works, I think.

I went along to the british Bookstore “Anglia” (close to the Anichovsky Connection, toward Fontanka) pursuing the eatery, pursuing the museums. It was a weird experience, English amaze. You will find zero Russian! Detachment! And then anyone talked inside Russian, and i also is actually great.

Weekend day, I saw Russian boys powering on the playground near the house, plainly in a hot air for some track-and-profession see.

I found myself to my means to fix Piskarov. There are bulk graves there, once the this is when every sufferers of Blockade try buried. A floor is actually so difficult, and dead way too many, and living very starving and you will weak, one to fundamentally some body dynamited a floor here while making trenches to your and that so you’re able to spade brand new authorities.

Children close to myself into the metro has also been takig plant life and have appeared to do the cure for Piskarov, at the least, he got from in the proper stop. does he come all the Weekend? Or is today a wedding anniversary?

The fresh new Endless Flame from the Piskarov is very warm. The fresh piles wrapped in yard flickered, distorted with its convection, and so did the fresh sculpture regarding Mommy Russia, installing a garland toward inactive. There’s a wall structure at the rear of right here with feeling such as for instance Assist nobody ignore and nothing become missing.